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Zhejiang Botuolini Machinery Co., Ltd is an influential, renowned and professional manufacturer of High Pressure Plunger Pumps, High Pressure Washers, High Pressure Fog& Misting Systems. Since 1995, we started to involve in supplying high pressure triplex plunger pumps, the long-lasting history of company, field-proven dependability and durability of products help us to achieve great reputations and make us be creative & unique in this industry.Base on our high quality,we have cooperate with many famous company like Zoomlion,Yangzhou Shengda,Brock and so on. We have a 3A credit honored by state. Till now, we have grown over the years to become a specialized manufacturer with 15000...

Categories and Products

Triplex Plunger Pumps and Power Washer

High Pressure Power Washer

Pressure Hydroblast Pump With Gasoline Engine 240Bar Hot Water Gasoline Pressure Washer 5.5lpm 100bar High Pressure Cleaning Pump With Motor High Pressure Triplex Pump With Motor 2L/min High Pressure Washer/ Cleaning/ Fog Plunger Pump Top Quality Electric High Pressure Washer 12L 100bar 

High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Pumps

PT36 139L 100bar High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps XW45 267LPM 155bar High Pressure Plunger Pump With Gearbox PF36 137lpm 140bar Industrial High Pressure Plung Pump XV32 168lpm 250bar High Pressure Sewer Cleaning Pumps DS7010 70lpm 100bar Industrial Plunger Pump manufactory 

Industrial Plunger Pumps

PT Series-36HP

PT28 70lpm 200bar Reciprocation High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump PT36 139L/min 100bar High Pressure Water Jet pump PT45 179lpm 80bar High Pressure Jetter Cleaning Pumps PT30 80lpm 175bar Pressure Triplex Pump Manufacturers PT40 142lpm 100bar Industrial Triplex Plunger Pump PT30 Pressure Triplex Plunger Sewer Cleaning Pumps 96L/min PT36 triplex high pressure plunger pumps 115Lpm 120bar PT28 Sewage Cleaning water high pressure pump 70L 1450rpm PT30 High Pressure Cleaning Pump 80Lpm 175bar Sewer Jetter Pump 142L 100bar Sewer Cleaning Industrial Plunger Pump 139L/min PT 28 Industrial sewer Triplex Plunger Pumps 70lpm PT28 Ultra High pressure Water Triplex Plunger Pump 70L/Min 200bar 26KW PT45 Industrial Pumps For Sale 111L 137bar PT36 High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pumps 115L 

PF Series-50HP

High Pressure Sweeping Pump 137L/min High Pressure Pump Plunger Street Sweep Plunger Pump Triplex Industrial High Pressure Plunger Pump 153L PF36 High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump 122L/min High Pressure Street Sweeping Pump 106L/min High Pressure Sweeping Triplex Plunger Pump 93L High Pressure Street Sweep Pumps 170L Road Truck USe High Pressure Plunger Triplex Pumps 170 L 210 BAR PT28 92lpm 210bar Industrial Pressure Sweeping Triplex Plunger Pumps 

XW Series-100HP

Super pressure Sewer Jetting triplex plunger pump Industrial Sewer Cleaning Triplex Plunger Pump 399LPM High Flow Gearbox Triplex Plunger Pump 330L Jetting Pump High Pressure Gearbox Piston Pump 267L XW32 135lpm 300bar High Pressure Pump with Gearbox Pinfl Gear-box Triplex Pump 171 L 240 Bar 

XV Series-115HP

412L Pressure Cleaning Pumps 498L Pressure Cleaning Pumps Industrial High Pressure Triplex Pump 213L 263L Pressure Cleaning Pumps 333L Pressure Water Jet Pumps XV50 330Lpm 130bar Industrial Triple Plungers Piston Pump 

DF Series-50HP

30L Triplex Plunger Pressure Pump 38L Pressure plunger Pump 47L Triplex Pressure Plunger Pump DF25 73lpm 280bar Industrial Plunger Pumps 30L Pressure Water Jet Pump Industrial Hydro Jetting Cleaning Plunger Pump DF20 

Pinfl Pump

PINFL High Pressure Pump 21L 350bar PINFL High Pressure Pump 30L 250bar PINFL High Pressure Pump 40L 200bar PINFL High Pressure Pump 50L 150bar DS2150 21lpm 500bar PINFL High Pressure Pump Industry dust reducer triplex plunger pump 1500bar High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump 13.5L Triplex Plunger Pump By Stainerless Steel Manifold PFH 250bar 100lpm High Pressure Pump PFH40 130bar High Pressure Pump For The Road Sweeping Truck Jetting PT36 115lpm 120bar PINFL High Pressure Pump PINFL High Pressure Pump 70L 100bar XW50 Pinfl Triplex Plunger Pump Pump For Sewage Tank Truck XW-55 Sewer Cleaning High Pressure Pump Jetting PF28 DT25 250bar High Pressure Pump High Pressure Water Pump DT18 DF18 600bar High Pressure Pump High Pressure Pump With Gearbox TFH12 1500bar High Pressure Pump 

Commercial Plunger Pump

Triplex Plunger Pump

Watering Truck Plunger Pump 106Liter Good Quality Pressure Pump 38.2 kw 93 L/min Pressure Plunger Pump Triplex ceramic Pumps 30Liter 100bar 100 Bar Triplex Pressure Washer 16Liter Triplex Plunger Cleaning Equipment Pumps 400bar High Pressure Cleaner ceramic Pumps 16Liter High Pressure Triplex Pump High Pressure Water Jetting Heavy Duty High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump 15Liter High Pressure Washe Cleaning/ Fog Plunger Pump 100bar high pressure triplex plunger pump TK1510 15Lpm 100 Bar Botuo Triplex Plunger Pump cheap Commercial Triplex Plunger Pump Lower Price Triplex Plunger Pump Reciprocating Triplex Plunger Pump Fogging Misting Cooling Machine Pump High Pressure Triplex Pump 3HP BMV1825 18lpm 250bar Triplex Washer Plunger Pump BM-F3 High Pressure plunger Pump 

Heavy Duty Triplex Plunger Pump

153 L/min washer pressure pump, KF36 Model KF40 Type Industrial Pressure Washer Pumps, Industrial Reciprocating Plunger Jetting Pump 50HP Industrial Car Washing Plunger Pump, KF30 type High Pressure Reciprocating Plunger Pump HIGH PRESSURE PLUNGER PUMPS, PF40 Model CE Approval Sewer Cleaning Plunger Pump Heavy-Duty Plunger Pump 210 Bar Bare Shaft Industrial Triplex Pumps, KF28 Style Street Washing Triplex Plunger Pump, KF28 series High Pressure Plunger Triplex Pump High Pressure pump for Road Sweeper cheap Quality Sewer Jetting Pumps High Pressure Pump For Road Sweeper Reciprocating Plunger Pump, KF28 Model High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump for sale, KF28 type big Pressure Sewer Cleaning Plunger Pump 170L High Flow Pressure Cleaning Pump CE Certificate Wet Sandblasting Plunger Pump Industrial High Flow Pump for Vehicle Wash 

Plunger Pump Motor Driven

High Pressure Car Washer pumps triplex plunger pumps for vehicle washer High Pressure Car Washer cheap High Pressure Triplex Water Pump High Pressure Water Plunger Pump 30L Commercial Plunger Pumps 250 Bar 30 L Triplex Plunger Pumps Cleaning Commercial jet pump 40 L 200 Bar Triplex plunger sewer pumps 40L 200 Bar 40L Triplex plunger pumps 200Bar 12lpm High Pressue Cleaning Pump 500Bar triplex plunger pump Triplex plunger pumps 70 L 100 Bar DES-2135 Commercial High Pressure Commercial Jet Pump By Motor Driven 

Stainless Steel Triplex Plunger Pump

Stainless Steel Plunger Pumps

Hot Sale Stainless 3-Plunger Pump High pressure CE Approved Seawater Desalination Plunger Pump LT-1610 16Lpm 100Bar Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination(SWRO) LB0610 6Lpm 100Bar Stainless Steel Pump For Desalination ELB-C Reverse Osmosis Ro Water Pump With Motor Engine High Flow SWRO Stainless Steel Pump 

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Plunger Pump

Stainless Steel Plunger Pumps Stainless Triplex Pump SS pump 16L 100Bar Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Water Pumps Hollow Shaft stainless Steel Pump LB Triplex Plunger Pump Wholesale Price Stainless Steel Triplex Pumps 12L 100bar Good Pricing Stainless Triplex Pump LB Corrosion Resistant Stainless 3-Plunger Pump Seawater Stainless Steel Plunger Pump Desalination high SS Plunger Pumps Heavy Duty Plunger Sea Water pump Seawater Desalination Pump for SWRO reliable quality PTSS28 70lpm 200bar 316L Stainless Steel Triplex Plunger Pump DT18 Stainless Steel Pressure Plunger Pump LB0810 8Lpm 100Bar Heavy Duty S.S Triplex Plunger Pump for desalination plant High pressure 316 ss pump Hot Sale Pump for Seawater Desalination high flow Stainless Steel Plunger Pump 

Hot Temperature High Pressure Pump

Hot Water Triplex Plunger Pump

12L Hot water triplex plunger pump Hot Water high pressure Pump electric Hot Water Pressure Wash Pump Hot Water High Pressure Jetter Cleaning Pumps 15L High Pressure Triplex Pump For Hot Water Hot Water High Pressure Pumps High Pressure Triplex Pump 12L/min high temperature pumps in the food sector High-temperature triplex plunger pumps High Temperature Water Jetting Pump Hot Water High Pressure Jetter Cleaning Pumps 160bar High Temperature Water Jetting Pump 15L/min Hot Sale For Hot Water Triplex Pump high temperature heat triplex plunger pump Hot Water Triplex Pump 15L/min HT 1610 16Lpm 100Bar High Temperature High Pressure Plunger Pump Hot Water High Pressure Jetter Cleaning Pumps 2HP HT2310 23Lpm 100Bar Hot Water High Pressure Jetter Cleaning Pumps 4HP 

Heavy Duty High Temperature Plunger Pump

High Temperature Triplex Pumps 30L Big Flow Hot Temperature High Pressure Plunger Pump Hot Water High Pressure Pump For Kitchen Cleaning Hot Water High Pressure Plunger Pumps 23 L Hot Water Pressure Washer HT2310 23Lpm 100Bar Hot Water pumps with high press and big flow Hot Water triplex Plunger Pumps 23L/min 70Bar 

Fogging Misting Machine

Commercial Fogging Machine

Fog Misting Machine Plunger pump fog machine for dust control Fog Misting Machine For Vegetable Fog Misting Machinery 4HP Fog Misting Machine No Noise Fog Misting machine 7.9gpm Mist Maker For Industry Fog Misting Machine For cooling Fog Misting Machine For cooling Fog Machinery For Outdoor 

Industrial Fogging Machine

Big Fogging Machine 20 L 70 Bar High Pressure Misting Fog Machine 2L/min Fog Misting Machine Ourdoor greenhouse Mist Humidifier unit industrial Cooling Fogging Machine 4l 70 Bar ce Fog Mist Machine 25 L/min Mist Humidifier Unit Cool Machine Fog Mist Machine for industrial 

Portable Misting Systems

Fog Misting Machine 8L/min Fog Misting Machine 4L/min High Pressure fog Misting Machine 70 Bar Fog Misting Machine For Garden Fog Misting Machine 70bar with water tank Fog Misting Machine 6L/min Commerical Fog Misting Machine 15L/min Industry Fog Misting Machine 12L/min 

High Pressure Washer

Diesel Engine

Diesel Powered Pressure Washer Diesel High Pressure Washer Diesel High Pressure Washer 160bar Diesel Pressure Washing Machine Diesel Power Pressure Washer Diesel Drain Cleaning Machine 500bar 

Electric Powered

High Pressure Car Washer for Car Maintenance High Pressure Water Jet Washer Electric High Pressure For Woodworking Mechanically Pressure Washer Machine Industry 80Bar 15L pressure car washer Electric Powered High Pressure Washer Electric Powered High Pressure Washer High Pressure Washer For Car Wash Electric Pressure Car Washer 110bar Electric High Pressure for Oil Field High Pressure Washer 5.5HP High Pressure Commercial Washing Machine HOBBY HIGH PRESSURE WASHER 1100 PSI 80 BAR BT 1518 B3 High Pressure Car Washer BTK1210 B2 Durable Performance High Power Pressure Washer Car Washing BF2135 21lpm 350bar Electric Power Pressure Wash Machine S-1210B2 Automatic Electric powered pressure washer Industrial Power Washer 27kw BF2250 22Lpm 22KW Sewer Cleaning WASHER 500bar BFC 2150 21lpm 17KW High Pressure Sandblast Machinery 

Gas Engine Series

Gas Engine Pipeline Dredge 500bar Gas Drain Cleaning Machine 150bar Sewer Dredge Machinery Gasoline Driven BX2135 Gasoline Engine Pipeline Dredge BT 240V 18lpm 250bar Gasoline Engine High Pressure Washer 

Hot Water High Pressure Washer

240Bar Hot Water Gasoline Pressure Washer RS 240 18 L/min Flow Rate Hot Water Pressure Washer 

Pumps Accessories

Industrial Turbo foging Nozzle Sewer Jetting and Hydro Nozzle Pressure Valve For XV Sewer Pumps Pressure Valve For DS Plunger Pumps Pressure Valve For PF Plunger Pumps Unloader Valve For High Pressure Pump High Pressure Turbo Nozzle High pressure spray gun High Pressure Gun Bent Lance 280Bar Ultra High Pressure Gun 400Bar High Pressure Hose Reel Wire Braided High Pressure Hydraulic Hose Crank case for plunger pump Aluminum Rod For Triplex Plunger Pump Pressure Valve For DS High Pressure Pumps BC-K Rotation Nozzle Rotary Spray Nozzle For High Pressure Washer High Pressure Spray Gun 660bar Brass Unloader Valve 3/8" For Triplex Plunger Pump Ceramic Plunger For The Triplex Plunger Pump 

Ultra Hydroblast Triplex Plunger Pump

Triplex Plunger Pumps For Industry Wash

12LPM Industrial Radial Triplex Plunger Pump PT40 Triple Plunger Sewer Pump 142Lpm 100bar 10LPM Industrial Car Wash Plunger Pump PT30 80lpm 175bar Ultra high pressure cleaning equipment pump DS2250 22Lpm 500Bar High Pressure Hydro Blast Pump DS2135 21Lpm 350Bar High Pressure Triplex Pump BM0310 3Lpm 100Bar High Pressure Triplex Pump For Water Washer PT28 Reciprocaation High Pressure Pump 84Lpm,175bar 

Triplex Plunger Pumps For Sewer Cleaning

PT45 179Lpm 80Bar Industrial Pipe Cleaning Triplex Pumps DS5015 50Lpm 150bar High Pressure Triplex Pump 

High Pressure Water Blasters

PF28 92Lpm 210Bar High Pressure Triplex Plunger Pump 

Triplex Plunger Pumps For Road Washer

Gearbox High Pressure sewer jetter Pump 211L Heavy Duty Triplex Plunger Pumps 142L/Min 122LPM Hot Sale Pressure Triplex Pump Ce Attestation Gear-Box Drive Triplex Jetting Pump Stable Quality Gearbox Triplex Plunger High-Pressure Pump Gearbox Drive Pressure Pump 135L Low Price Jetting Pump Car Wash Gearbox Pump 135L Gearbox Driving Triplex Plunger Pump 135L BOTUO PUMP High Performance Gearbox Pump Industry Quality PUMP Stable Gearbox Pump 267L 

Triplex Plunger Pumps For Road Sweeper

Chinese Sewer cleaning pump High Pressure Gearbox Plunger Pump 211L Heave duty Gear-box Sewage Pump 267L High Flow Triplex Plunger Pumps with Gearbox 171L High pressure Sewer jetting plunger pumps 330L Sewage Cleaning Pumps Pressure Plunger Pumps 399L XW55 399lpm 100bar Sewage Cleaning Triplex Plunger Pump 

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